Activities in Le Dévoluy : Canyoning



Canyoning is a playful an refreshing mountain activity.



Equipped with overalls and neoprènes socks, with a belt and with a helmet, you will lower the bed of a torrent by passing natural obstacles such as tobogans, waterfalls, bowls. 


The instructor guides you thoughout the descent, the crossings consists either in jumps or rappels managed by the guide.


This sport experience is adapted to all the members of the family : the aquatic hiking is an ideal initiation to canyoning for family with children since 6 years old, whereas canyons of bigger scale are possible a soon as the age of 10 years. 


Canyoning allows to dive into a vertical, aquatic and wild environment, and to live beautiful sports feeling with friends or family. You will go out indoubtedly wet and cheered up by this beautiful adventure in mountain! 


Plan swimsuit, towel and sneakers you will wet. 

The Devil's Marmits 's Aquatic hike

This canyon of initiation is accessible to the children aged 6 year old.


He is situated not far from la Faurie (40 minutes from SuperDévoluy, and 30 minutes from la Joue du Loup). 


In these pots (marmits) very quiet, devil is very kind with a low flow of water which allows to get just a little wet. 


Moreover it's not an obligation that the children know how to swim, to participate to this aquatic hike.

The descent of the Marmits goes on a sunny route, with not technicals waterfalls ideal for a young audience. All the family can spend a sport and funny time beeing in the cool water, by tumbling down the slides an tobogans of the devils's pots.


This familial adventure which will make proud youngs and olders, lasts approximately 2 hours. 



30€ per person


''Family"  Rate

28€ if same group with minimum 5 persons


Rabou 's Canyon


The canyon de Rabou is an attractive canyon of low mountain situated on the municipality of Rabou  (40 minutes driving from SuperDévoluy, and 30 minutes from La Joue du Loup).


This canyon is ok for children aged at least of 10 years old, it is located in a sunny and pleasant area. It descent is particularly playful with many natural slides, jumps, rappeling. 

By municipal order, he is opened only every mondays, on tuesdays and thursdays. 


The Activity lasts 2h.



40€ per person


''Family"  Rate

38€ if same group with minimum 5 persons

Rouanette 's Canyon


Rouanette 's Canyon is a sport canyon situated in a magnificient area of mountain. 


It is located near the village of Ancelle (1h15 from SuperDévoluy, and 1h from La Joue du Loup). 


This canyon of average difficulty is ok for minimum 10 years old children.

It stand in 2 parts : a complete part which lasts 2h30, vertical and sport ; and an intermediate part all the same physical, with many jumps and rappels which lasts 2 hours minimum. 



45€ per person for the entire part, and 40€ for the median part


''Family"  Rate

43€ if same group with minimum 5 persons for the entire part, 38€ idem conditions for the median part