Activities in Le Dévoluy


Séance d'initiation à l'escalade sur la falaise des Gicons, Dévoluy


Climbing is a sport full of virtues which allows to everyone, youngs or olders to surpass the natural human apprehension of the void. 


Either indoor (climbing wall) or outdoor on the naturals cliffs, climbing is a complete activity which mobilizes various resources at the followers.


First of all, a capacity of learning : encordement (the eight knot) and the 5 times of the belaying techniques, learning to put on the safety equipment (harness, rope, grigri, quickdraws)


Then, a physical aspect : effort of walking approach march, then motricity on the rock, body movements and balancing technique.


Finally, the essential facet of this sport : the mental challenge. Managing feelings in height, trusting the equipment and especially the belayer holding the rope, releasing from anythingelse by the concentration exercice which requires the ascent of a climbing route ; all these stakes give a unique moral value to the practice of this sport.


To finish, the practice of outdoor climbing, in the open air, in the middle of sublime landscapes of mountains allows a real reconnexion with the nature.

Outdoor Climbing

Session of outdoor climbing in the Dévoluy, for novice or confirmed climbers. Ok for the 6/7 years all old kids, and ideal for all the family or between friend to spend an pleasant half-day.

In the Dévoluy, there are 2 climbing sites : The cliff of Les Etroits (3 minutes of walking approach, it's an afternoon site), and the Cliff of Les Gicons (20 minutes of walking approach, morning site) generaly tuesday and thurday mornings.  

Once rope are settled in top-rope, let the instructor guide you , so that you can learn the knot of encordement, to understand how to belay your climbing partner and how to take the right position of rappel descent once the summit of the  route is reached. 

Friendly, with games and exercices adpated to the various ages of the participants, this climbing session which lasts 2h30, will be full of learnings, laughts and emotions. 



28€ per person, 2€ more for initiation to rappeling (rappel only possible in the cliff of the Etroits)


''Family"  Rate

26€ if same group with minimum 3 persons 


Babyclimb is an outdoor climbing session lasting 1hour, which is ideal for a discovery of the activity for the young children from 4 to 7 years old. 


This session don't necessite to use harness or rope, because it consists in a playfull climbing on low rocky blocks ( less than 2 meters height). Equipped with a helmet and protected by th instructor during their climbing above crashpads (reception carpets), children will discover their first balances throught games ( finding some animals figurines hidden in the blocks, balancing on a slackline)


Indeed, this intuitive climbing is very adapted for young children because they aren't hindered in some harness and the mental difficulty of giving a total confidence in the belayer.

The accent is put on the security with a maximum of 4 children by session.


The parents can come to watch this climbing session, to encourage and make pictures of their child. Blocks are located in a very pleasant shaded forest which it is possible to join by walking from La Mère Eglise ( heritage building of the Dévoluy). 


Two time slots exists every wednesday from 1:15 pm till 2:30 pm and from 2:45pm till 4 pm. The meeting place is the parking of La Mére Eglise ( near St Disdier en Dévoluy, 10 or 15 minutes from Superdévoluy or La Joue du Loup).  



25€ per children



Climbing Multi-pitch routes

Multipitch climbing is an adventure in wall to try if you are a climbing novice or confirmed. 

To try multipitch climbing, it is advisable to be a climber having at least some sessions in cliff. 


According to your level, your climbing experience and your desires, the instructor will propose you an adapted multipitch route along which you will learn the various techniques of multipitch routes climbing, options for rapelling and especially the spirit of climbing together.

In multipitch routes, the objectives are bound to the gestural pleasure of climbing ( serene an relax climbing in its level), but also in connection with the natural environment (wild or vertiginous esthetics of the cliff, stakes bound to the importance of the climb timing and to requested physical endurance) finally the concentration and the sharing between the members of the cordée establish a matchless pleasure which often gives the multipitch climbing "virus" to the outddor cliff climbers.


First big sportiv route, alone or between friends (Buech, Dévoluy, Orpierre), perfectionnement in multipitch sportiv route (BigWall of Les Gillardes in Dévoluy, Archiane, Orpierre, Verdon...), or even traditionals climbing multipitch routes (Achiane, Orpierre,Buech, Verdon...), our instructors adapt themselves to your desires in order to give you more autonomy and let you unforgettable verticals moments.



1/2 day from 50€ to 120€ per person ( 4 climbers maximum)

 Complete day from 85€ to 250€ per person (4 climbers maximum)

Indoor Climbing

Climbing indoor is a good way to discover or progress in climbing. Climbing lessons are ok for children aged of 7 years old minimum, in family or with friends..

The wall of The Dévoluy Sportiv Center is a quite new wall interresting and various, it reachs until eighteen meters height climbing. 


Initiation or perfectionnement class can be collectiv or particular, you can even try fit'climbing. The lessons lasts 1hour an a half.

Fit'climbing, ok for at least 12 years old children, is a climbing class which can serv your boby shape. It includes 1h15 of climbiing with exercices specific on the work of deep muscular fibers, the cardio training and the body flexibility, follows up a circuit training based on the ground gainages and abdominal exercices. 



Collectiv class 24€ per person 

Fit'climbing 28€

Particulars class, 1h : 36€, 2h : 54€

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